Live Life, Live Light

Life is great.

It can be greater than we think it is and life is a mystery itself. We don’t know what is on the next bend, but it sure is an interesting ride every single day. It is not always the kind of day we expect or the events we like to happen, yet it is the kind of day we deserve to have, learn from and experience.

How do we deal with this? We live life to the fullest, regardless of what is at the back or in front of us, or the uncertainty. That is the best we can do and nothing else. In short, take it for what it is and do what you have to do.

Be positive and decide to be happy. Do not take everything seriously. Laugh at your own mistakes and don’t get offended too easily. For some, it is a talent, and for some, it takes a few adjustments, but the bottom line is, it can be done.

Do what you want to do and do your best. Appreciate each moment with yourself, family, friends and loved ones. Do not take anything for granted and remember to do things that make you happy, leave a positive impact on your life and cherish the memories you make each day. Do not forget to appreciate the people who add color to your life as well.

There will be a moment you would not rather go through and moment you would want to keep going back for. Whichever it is, always look ahead and remember the lessons you have picked up along the way.

Live life and live light. You don’t need excess baggage to go where you want to go, and you don’t need the burden to be happy. Do what you want to do, only remember not to hurt anything or anybody and always have a good intention and positive spirit. This demeanor will reflect how you treat life and how others will treat you in return.

In the end, you won’t have any regrets if you choose to be happy, to live life to the fullest and be the best version of yourself.

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