We will not simply say we love natural, organic and healthy food—it’s a lie—because the truth is, we LIVE it, we are IT. Hint: Nobody takes on the SAD (Sad American Diet) here!

Every member, from the staff to all the way up the ladder of Health Delight is passionate about healthy living. Talking about a new quinoa recipe excites us, going to the farmer’s market is not a chore that bores us, sweating it out is as natural as breathing to us, drinking water (yes, plain water) highly satisfies us. That crunch of the fresh carrot? It’s music to us. Have we mentioned the various pseudo-grains and seeds (buckwheat, flax and chia) yet? Oh, heavens!

We aim to share this lifestyle to you…from the best exercise regime, to the freshest produce we could find, by delivering more than just a recap of the latest tournaments and highflying headline.

We mean to show you that Health Delight is multifaceted and breathes a life of its own.

So here’s to daily Health Delights: Live Well. Live Clean. Live Long.

By the way, we are actively looking for content curators, producers and creators. If you would like to learn more about working for us, please feel free to “Contact Us” and we will get back to you!

Most importantly, ENJOY the daily servings of Health Delight and do not ever be shy for a second helping of Sharing, Liking, Linking and Tweeting—and everything else you want to do to expand our community of Health Delighters!