5 Must-Eat Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Does the food you eat make you healthy?

Or is it the other way around? We live in a fast pace world we sometimes overlook the importance of eating the right food and feeding our body with proper nutrition. When we eat clean and make it a habit, not only we are strengthening our body and immune system, we are also losing weight in the process.

Are you in doubt? You bet we were, too, but we gave it a go, and it works! No, we are not saying you will lose 10 pounds right away. Remember that it is not an overnight magical solution. What will happen is that you will gradually lose weight.

Are you ready to begin? Here are the foods you should consider eating more of to lose weight:


This is one of our favorites and most likely one of yours, too. It is known for high monounsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce belly fat. You can use it as a mayonnaise substitute, add it as a topping to your vegetable pizza or have a few slices with your morning toast. Of course, you can add some to your smoothies, too! It is heavenly!


We know French fries aren’t good for you, but that is not the only way to enjoy potatoes. You can eat it baked, steamed, or as part of your salad or veggie menus. You may also want to eat the skin because it is full of fiber but do remember to make do without butter and other unhealthy pairings like bacon bits.

Lean meats

Protein is an integral part of a good diet, and lean meats are a good source of it, especially when it comes to staying full longer and building muscle.


Homemade soup is a comfort food. It is filling and easy enough to be paired with a whole grain toast without the fear of overeating or loading up on calories, and you would still be satisfied.


Fresh, crunchy, healthy and sweet; who could say no to apples, right? It is high in pectin, a fiber that is responsible for helping us feel full and satisfied. You can have it as part of your breakfast or a light snack.

Sweet potatoes

One of the best gifts of nature, aren’t they? They are high in fiber and make you feel full easily, which aids you in losing weight. Remember, however, that like potatoes, it is best enjoyed baked or steamed.

You may also want to nibble on nuts, snack on pears, indulge in dark chocolate and sip green tea. These foods also aid in weight loss so long as you eat them moderately.

How about you, what are your go-to weight loss foods?