What You Eat Is What You Are And What You See

Are you a cheater?

We hope not.

We don’t know what your thoughts on this are but what we think we cannot cheat about are the food we eat and how we take care of our health and body.  When we look at it, of course, we may be able to cheat, but what we mean to say is that it will show in our health and our body sooner or later. We cannot hide it.

Eat what you want. Don’t deprive yourself but do it moderately. Don’t eat like it is a race—savor each bite, appreciate each texture and each explosion of taste. There is no need to hurry. What we consume will show, no matter what we do so we might as well enjoy every bite. We say this because when you eat mindfully, you eat healthily and you are more in control of how much you eat every time you sit on the table.

Don’t be cheap—let us invest in the food we eat. It is a great investment. There is no reason to skimp if the situation calls for it. By this we mean we should choose the healthier option when we can and not go for fast food or junk foods which are easily available. They make cheating easy, but we also know the body deserves better food and better care.

Don’t be easy or fake—Easy or artificial means fast food and it screams unhealthy, let us not go there. Go organic. Choose green salads, fruits, and vegetables. Provide what the body needs. Give it strength and love and care. Give it nutrition and longevity and power.

It will show. Therefore, we better be prepared and give it the best care it deserves. Good, clean, and real food every time.

Do you agree with us? Do you have anything to share? Please let us know in the comments.