Do You Want To Be Healthy? Simply Eat Healthy!

Health and being healthy are two different things.

Health is our mental and physical condition, a state of being free from sickness or injury. Being healthy, on the other hand, is maintaining the soundness of our mental and physical condition at all times. Health is already there, keeping it well is another matter.

But how do we stay healthy? The answer is straightforward; we just have to eat healthy food—in short, keep a healthy diet to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it comes with regular exercise, sleeping well and taking care of yourself.  I know it is plenty of “healthy” words but come to think of it, it does make sense. It might be easy to say but a lot more challenging to follow through. The good thing about it? You can always handle it any time of the day.

Eating good food, such as organic fruits and vegetables, white meat and fish, coupled with regular exercise is the way to go. This is something you’d not go wrong about. Your health and body would benefit from it. As an added welcome bonus, you boost your mental health, too. You will be on top of your game.

So, if you want to be healthy, drop that potato chips and the extra slice of cake—although, you can indulge once in a while, of course, but please do it in moderation—better yet—as little as possible.

You may indulge more than you mean to at some point and this is okay. Do not hate yourself for it. If anything, be gentle with yourself and then go back and focus on your goals. Be as healthy as you can be by eating the right kind of food and taking care of your health at all times. You deserve it, and you know it.

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