To Eliminate Weakness, You Have To Feel Pain

It is trial by fire.

In every task we do, the first time we do it is always difficult. There is a worry that we will never do it right, that we will disappoint and that we will never get it done. This is a common thought, something everyone is guilty of. It is not because it is true but because we are driven by fear of failure. It is also because we give life to the idea about what other people will think or say.

It is no different when we are training or exercising to get fit and to lose weight. The first few days are difficult—it seems like we would not last another day and it is literally painful as if EVERYTHING hurts and we won’t be able to take it anymore. But as days go by, we get better at it, we feel better, and we feel more confident, as if we can take anything—and WE CAN. We also learn to ignore negative people and negative things they say. In short, we start to treat ourself better, because it is what is right and it is what we deserve.

The pain is nothing—it is just preparing our body to be stronger and strengthen our resolve. The more pain there is, the stronger we become. Do not cower and never give up—it gets worse before it gets better and it always gets better.

The same thing applies when you are working hard and hustling to achieve your dreams. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the chance you have to make things happen and make a difference in your life and the life of those you hold dear.

Once you feel that pain, welcome it. It means you are getting stronger, better, more capable to face what is coming your way.

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