There Is One Free Ride To Happiness…Exercise

It’s a free shot of happiness.

No one can say this isn’t true. When you exercise, you attain a degree of satisfaction that makes it worth it, making you inexplicably happy. For example, you reduce your stress level, if not completely eliminate it. There is a spring in your steps. You don’t walk. You actually skip. You cannot honestly tell me it isn’t the case, can you?

It is just one of the benefits of exercise—aside from being fit and healthy, it helps you think clearly, function properly and feel like everything in this world would be alright. This is certainly how I feel after sweating it out. I don’t think others would say differently. Exercise, after all, contributes to our health and well-being in the same way.

Therefore, if you want free unlimited rides to happiness, make it a habit to exercise regularly.

Aside from exercise, what else makes you happy?