The Value Of Health Is Measured Once Lost

Health is precious.

It is, even when we often take it for granted and forget to take care of it.

When we are healthy and able, we tend to abuse our body and generally ignore our health. We eat what we like instead of what we need; we remain sedentary, and we neglect the fact that we can only be as healthy, fit and strong as we want to be when we do something about it.

Once we feel something, a sickness perhaps or an alarming symptom, we panic and do everything we can to feel better, to be better. Unfortunately, this is true not only when our health is concerned but in every aspect of our life. We only see the value of something when it is gone or when we are about to lose it and more often than not, it is already too late. This is a sad reality. Fortunately, it is something we can still do something about.

I am sure we have all experienced losing something, and we have felt the regret, wishing we have done more, gave it all we have got. Let this be a lesson and let us take care of our health, let us not ignore it and do not let it deteriorate and go away.

Let us be cautious and get ahead instead of falling behind. After all, without health, we are mere shells, without direction and purpose. Imagine what you can do now. Imagine where you want to be in the future.

When you take care of your health and look after your needs (no, it is not selfish), you can do so much more and achieve more than you think you could. But first, return the favor to your body and your health. Take care of it, always.

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