The Practical Guide To Achieving Your Dream Weight

Regular exercise and clean food.

These are the things we are often told to do and commit to with consistency to achieve our health goals and dream weight.

How is your progress? Are you almost there or still struggling to remain consistent? We understand it is not always easy. We know because we have been there. It does not only require consistency, but it also calls for dedication and self-discipline.

For example, it is always easier to stay in bed instead of getting up to workout in a cold morning and a lot more convenient to order takeout than cook your own food. Why go through the hassle of slicing and dicing when someone else can do it for you, right?

We will share with you our practical guide to attain your dream weight.

Don’t break your calorie bank.

In general, we should consume a maximum 3,500 calories a day. If you want to lose weight, you should stay below. When you consume 3,000 calories of food per day, you will lose a pound a week. This is a huge achievement. Don’t go overboard, however. You want to lose weight and remain healthy, not hungry and deprived.

Measure your food.

It is good to have measuring cups and utensils ready. Do this when serving and cooking. This way, you will not cook more than what you intend to do, and you will not serve and eat more than you should. The visual would be a good reminder that you are watching what you eat and the portion you should consume.

Have smaller but more meals each day.

If you are used to doing three large meals a day, you can break it down to five small meals each day. This way, you will keep your cravings in check, since you will be eating something every 2 hours or so and you will be full each day, and you can avoid overeating.

The key is to eat the right food in the right quantity and of course, coupled with regular exercise.

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