5 Healthy Ways To Stay Awake When You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep

A good sleep is always crucial.

We need to have enough shuteye every night to be able to stay healthy, function properly and be at our best element. Sometimes, however, we do not get enough sleep, for whatever reason that’s beyond our control.

Regardless, we have to get up early the next day to grind, do what we must; as in we have to be adults and do adult’s responsibilities.

But what can we do to make sure we would stay awake the healthy way and do what needs to be done? Here are our suggestions:


This is one of our favorites. We know it is tiring at times, but it is also one of the best ways to wake up those sleepy muscles and senses. Lack of sleep is no excuse to skip the gym. Besides, we may be a bit (or a lot) sleepy but we haven’t forgotten to burn calories. Also, the increase in blood flow will definitely help you feel more awake and energized.

Drink lots of water

We prefer cold water. Have you tried it yet? When we drink cold water, we hydrate our body. Water helps us focus and help us feel less tired.

Listen to upbeat music

There is nothing like listening to upbeat music. It makes you want to dance like nobody is watching. It also keeps you awake. So go ahead and keep at it, choose the most upbeat music you could find and play on.

Have coffee

Here’s a valid excuse to have caffeine. If that doesn’t make you excited, what would, right? Whenever I drink coffee, tired or not, it makes me extra aware and alert. It is a good stimulant and could be your best friend so long as you do not get addicted to it.

Eat snacks that boost energy.

Whenever I lack sleep, I hardly want to eat, but it doesn’t help. What you can do is eat food that boosts your energy. For example, you should prefer protein to keep you going until you get the sleep you need.

We hope our suggestions help. In the meantime, get the sleep you need as much as you can, whenever you can.

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