Healthy Foods You Can Overdose On? Here They Are!

When healthy does not always mean safe.

We are often encouraged to eat healthily, and we oblige, most of the time, at least. But did you know too much of even a healthy food is super bad for you? Yes, you read it right. For example, while eating a carrot is highly recommended, and healthy, eating a lot can turn your skin into yellow. Imagine that!

To help you determine which foods you should not eat too much of, we have made a list below. Please take note that it is not exclusive. Always remember, moderation is key.


This is not bad news for coffee lovers. You can still have your daily fix, just not too much of it. For example, a cup or two will be considered enough. If you are experiencing palpitation or feeling shaky after drinking coffee, it’s a sign that you have had too much. According to science (nutrigenomics), some may be too sensitive to caffeine because of genetics.


Yes, water, too! Why, you may ask? Water, there’s water everywhere, but people have actually died from too much water. For example, those drinking too much water after a marathon or from an extreme gym session to rehydrate. When we drink too much water, the brain may receive too much pressure from the swollen cells. While this does not happen often, it can occur.


As mentioned above, we cannot have too much carrot, too. Well, technically, we can, but to the risk of turning yellow. If you haven’t heard of carotenemia as yet, it is a condition that occurs when you eat too many carrots and the skin turns yellow, although it is not considered harmful. But how much is too much carrot? It is said that it’s safe to stick to 3 large carrots a day.

Dark Leafy Greens

Yes, indeed. This may be the most surprising of all, but this is a fact. Apparently, raw leafy greens have toxins called alkaloids. When eaten too much over a period of time, these toxins build up and could cause damage to your kidney, lungs, and liver. The best thing to do is to eat colorful fruits and vegetables or switch up the produce every other day.

What other foods you can overdose on, which you know about? Please feel free to share them in the comment section.