Is Red Wine Really Good For Us?

Red wine: a friend or a foe?

Before, negative effects of red wine depended on how much you drink. At present, it could be a different story altogether.

As far as history goes, wine has been a part of human existence. Its health benefits, specifically, red wine, elevated it into high status then down again and up again and so on.

We used to believe that no matter how many studies have been done and studies still to be conducted, it seems that it all points out to the same conclusion, which is, a little (think and drink moderately) is good for our health and too much of it is not. However, this may no longer be true and from the looks of it, we may have to say no to it more often from now on. Moderation may not work anymore and if the study conducted by Harvard researchers is to be believed, red wine may actually be harmful.

Read the below article from CNN and learn how the history of wine unfolded over thousands of years, as well as what we need to be aware of in the present time.

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Health effects of red wine: Where do we stand

Red wine, you have been many things to us over the years —a drink for the royalty, a forbidden beverage for women, fuel for a bachelor weekend bender in the movie “Sideways.”

But through it all —with the exception of Prohibition and other dark spots in history— wine has been medicine.

This year, a large study by Harvard researchers shook the notion that moderate alcohol consumption is probably harmless. Healthy middle-aged women who had about a half a glass to a glass of wine a day, or the equivalent amount of beer or liquor, had a 13% higher risk of certain types of cancer, particularly breast cancer. For men, drinking a couple glasses of alcohol a day was associated with 26% increased risk of cancers such as liver, colon and esophagus. For both men and women, heavier drinking carried higher risk. Experts reacted to the findings by urging the importance of keeping alcohol consumption in close check.

–by Carina Storrs

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