5 Tips To Eat More Fiber Effortlessly

Fiber is good for health.

The more we eat fiber-filled foods, the better. It is one of the most important nutrients we should always have. The average recommended fiber intake per day is 25-30 grams, yet most of us fall short of it. There are many ways to eat fiber. Unfortunately, some methods would require more time and effort than usual, and we cannot always do it because there are others things we would rather do and focus on.

Adding fiber or good carbohydrates on a diet can be quite challenging but did you know there is a way to do it almost effortlessly? Yes, you read it right. You might be surprised how easy it could be!

Here’s how:

Make cereal a go-to breakfast

Unsweetened or whole grain is ideal, but any cereal will do. A certain study says that those who eat cereal regularly generally eat more fiber compared to those who are not fond of eating it.

Grab some popcorn

You can pop it using a microwave but air popped corn is better, of course. It also becomes healthier if you don’t use oil.

Eat green salad for dinner

A mixed green salad is good. Go easy on the dressing, and you will be alright. It only has few calories, which means it can also aid in weight loss and at the very least, avoid weight gain.

Snack on dried food

Fruits are great, even dried ones. They are tasty, satisfying and most importantly, loaded with fiber.

Drink smoothies

You can eat your fiber, but you can drink it, too. Make your own smoothies at home using whole fruits and peels. This way, you can get the most fiber and other nutrients from them.

What did we say? Effortless, isn’t it?

Tell us, do you meet the daily recommended amount of fiber?